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Quartz triumphs over Lich King (10)

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Quartz triumphs over Lich King (10)

Postby Tatertot » Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:50 pm

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So yes, updating this page has been pushed to the side in order to enjoy things such as standing around in Dalaran, complaining about pvp queues and spamming guild chat with zoophilia trivia.

On the whole I feel like Blizzard has stepped up to the plate with the new content, reducing trash, tank/spank encounters and giving easier access to entry level purples for the rerollers, alt-equippers and late starters among us. For some, this has reduced some of the joy of getting anything new and shiny, but true lootwhores will manage to scream orgasmically on vent regardless of the quality of the drop (like the time Gets got his legen.. oh wait).

So, when ICC was released, the collective eagerly hurled themselves into the fray, in both 10 and 25 man. Mostly through Elkor's drunken Friday runs, the 10 man team hacked its way through the encounters, only to find the instance reset the next week. Our time on the big man himself was limited, but Quartz has never let being slack get in the way of killing stuff. It took a month from killing Sindragosa in 10 man to slaying the Lich King, but finally, we managed to slay the man, the myth, the legend himself. The Lich King (it's only a model) turns out to be a worthy end to ICC. (Fortunately the time it takes to wipe is not nearly of the epic scale of Yogg-Saron, or this post would have had to wait till 2011). Poked's drunken tanking was truly terrible - leave the drinking to Tush please.

The last part of the fight, where the Lich King kills everyone in the raid (only for everyone to be resurrected after a 2 minute cutscene) was interesting since, in true Quartz style, no one was prepared for that and we assumed we wiped at 10% due to some hidden enrage. Perhaps if everyone wasn't so distracted by Morb managing to misspell 'phase' every single time we would've learned this from his explanations.

Here's to slapping the guy around in 25 man next, and subsequently getting burnt out on hard modes!
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