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Quartz - home of the pink bunny

The guild Quartz was created in the American betas - when a group of friends, almost without exception MMORPG noobs figured the guild function was an easier way to chat than always being in the same party. Yes, Quartz was that small. After American betas ended, we got ourselves into the Korean betas, met some new people, and brought in some other real life friends. When the Euro betas hit, Quartz had grown to immense proportions - 7 or 8 hardcore members.

Being new to this type of game, we had no plans to grow to what we now know is a common raid size. We always had the philosophy of playing with friends, for fun, discovering as we went along. As we leveled, and met more people, the guild grew, we merged with other small groups of friends to be able to do things like UBRS regularly. We started thinking about having forums outside the game ('Why do we need forums? If you're reading forums, you're not playing and playing > all!') and loot systems ('Just roll when you want something!"). Despite our growth, despite slowly turning into a more serious raiding guild, we never desired to lose that feel of friends, of family, mushy as that sounds.

To this day, we don't have DKP, we don't demand that people are on Teamspeak, we don't force people to come on raids. We have the most relaxed raiding schedule of any high-end guild on the server, and we intend to keep it that way. We PvP for fun, we do smaller instances because we like hanging out and killing stuff together. We buckle down when it's needed, and we get stuff done. Maybe not as the first, but the goal is to see everything there is to see, do everything there is to do, and never forget that this is a game, not a job. We don't have demands for specs, or equipment, or experience. We are a mix of MMORPG noobs, EQ vets, RPG freaks and former FPS addicts. We come from all over Europe without a single country being represented more than the others.

Quartz isn't like other guilds, and we intend to keep it that way