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The Black Temple, how we have longed to enter you.

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The Black Temple, how we have longed to enter you.

Postby Tatertot » Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:09 pm


In the absence of our glorious leader we were lead by two mutes and an enhancement shaman, the ever victorious army once again set out to conquer the loots and new encounters.
After the initial "uhm, anyone know where the boss is?" we got started and promptly turned around and walked the other way.
Trash didn't give us any problems and we soon set our eyes upon the Warlord Naj'entus a surprisingly good first attempt at 47% really lifted our spirits. Not even respawning trashmobs killing dorks like me running back put much of a dent into that. A couple of attempts later the Warlord lay at our feet after an attempt that could best be described as clockwork. I have a feeling this encounter will much like Hydross cause us to wipe once or twice for quite some time as people remember what they were supposed to do.

The collective celebrated their success by wiping on the next pack. After getting our feet put pack on the ground we performed like a well oiled machine until we encountered Supremus the giant burning baby. This is where the machine broke down and half of it decided that flames don't really hurt that much, they were wrong! A couple more attempts working out kite paths, making sure everyone spread out and move in phase 2 and soulstoning the person with the most hp. Supremus was dead and the raid ended. A good night in the new instance, I look forward to seeing the rest of it.

(Since yours truly was absent, Miniboss did a ninja guild move, stole my password and posted the story himself)
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