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Loot reaver drops.. loot

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Loot reaver drops.. loot

Post by Tatertot » Tue Jun 26, 2007 1:37 pm

With the recent removal of attunements for the Eye and SSC, we were suddenly presented with the (tempting) option to venture into Tempest Keep and take a shot at the boss that is commonly called 'Loot Reaver'. Unlike half of the raiding population of WoW I don't think attunement removal is a bad idea. Anyone that had to get an entire guild ready for Onyxia still cries a little before going to sleep and the word 'attunement' alone often leads to small involuntary convulsions and temporary blindness. The only real advantage to attunement is ensuring Trickz never sets foot in TK to ninja loot that is rightfully mine.

So, shamelessly profiting from this attunement removal we planned a date with the lovely Void Reaver and lo and behold, he really was as easy as everyone said. The trash in his room is harder than the boss itself, which would normally mean the trash is overpowered - but in this case it simply means Void Reaver isn't. The fight brought together old concepts like 'tank rotation', 'moving' and 'healing' - quite challenging for any guild starting BWL. Oh wait.