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Twins check into rehab clinic

Posted by: Tatertot » Mon Oct 09, 2006 8:54 am

There are times in the life of the so-called 'relaxed raiding guild' that you feel there simply isn't enough time in the week to farm known content and explore the new in the few raiding nights you've set for yourselves. Even the slightest setback or a couple of 'wtf they all ported to the same platform'-Skeram fights and you'll be pressed for time when you get to the good stuff. AQ40 is all about the random. Sure, a raid can deal with the random, can react on the spot. But when only one thing has to go wrong to gimp your time on a new boss, it can be frustrating. That's why I think everyone was happy when we finally got to the emps at 7.30 at night instead of after 10 when everyone is exhausted.

Potions were farmed, oils were made - I don't think Quartz has ever been this prepared for a boss. Of course, it's only when you HAVE farmed everything possible you down them right away before you can use most of it. But it felt smooth, controlled - I guess that's why people love the fight. Once you get it down, it's like a well-oiled machine at work. Watching the casters and the melee cross in the middle every time was no less than awesome - there was a team at work, a group of people that has been there consistently, that prepared, that learned, and that understands that we're not the biggest, or the fastest, or the pinkest - but we're Quartz and no encounter will hold us back - I'm proud of you guys. End of motivational speech.

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Gotta nuke something - Huhuran down

Posted by: Tatertot » Tue Aug 22, 2006 8:45 am

After defeating Fankriss a while back the glorious Quartz collective has been banging its head against the resistance horror that is Huhuran. Having spent all our bloodvine on shard bags and alt gear, getting everyone 'ressed up' turned out to be quite a pain, and though our first full night on Huhu left us with promising results (below 10%) we quickly realised we needed to shape up or not bother. A week later, our second full night gave us two 1% wipes, leaving the sour taste of endless Vael wipes in my mouth. Nothing says 'haw haw', Nelson style, like a boss with 5000 health left. It was at that point that all our shamans and druids decided to take a vacation so we figured we might as well go take a look inside Naxx for a week and die horribly there. It's good to have something new to look at while you are writhing in pain, my mother always used to say.

In any case, it wasn't until this week that we got back to AQ40 in full force, determined to do that 5000 extra damage and squash the bug. By the time we downed Fankriss and cleared the trash, it was already getting late. We decided to settle for two test attempts to get into the groove and planned to flask up and finish her off tomorrow, but lo and behold, she went down flaskless and almost without effort. Well, almost - we ripped Eddy from a hospital bed, forced Takhar to come on time for once, and Gnuu actually lived for minutes on end - a monumental night it was indeed.

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Fankriss sleeps with the.. erm.. beetles?

Posted by: Tatertot » Mon Jul 24, 2006 9:02 am

Due to heat and vacations we've spent last week just farming known content, and even though there was some time left after Sartura the thought of showering ourselves in icecubes seemed much more pleasant than working ourselves through a tunnel full of bugs. This week, however, was supposed to be Fankriss week, with some actual serious tries. So the collective slapped the usual bosses last night and worked its way to Fankriss. I enjoy these token mage-encounters in every instance - we all know mage is the chosen class, but it doesn't hurt to have the developers confirm it now and then in case the healers and tanks get strange ideas about their own worth.Â

After fiddling with the strat on Fankriss a bit and settling for a non-AE strat (a rare occasion for Quartz) we had the basics down. Though the encounter can go horribly wrong when warriors die, as long as you keep them up it's fairly straightforward. Awesome work by our tanks and healers, and of course special mention for the insane dps on Fankriss (complete with pulling aggro off the MT *cough*). For some reason we all expected the adds to despawn after Fankriss died, so with 39 people up everyone sighed with relief and went to scratch their private parts, until we noticed people were still dying and there was some cleaning up to do still. Quartz is still quartz, after all!

Onwards to Huhuran and farming for nature resistance!

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Stunnable bosses < Quartz

Posted by: Tatertot » Thu Jul 06, 2006 8:30 am

Our glorious adventures in AQ40 continued last Tuesday. Due to the weather, we only spend one night a week on AQ40 so so far progress has been smooth. Skeram and the Trio died again, I ninja-pulled a couple of patrols, Shi got himself knocked into more adds than I've seen since the Leeroy movie, but like I said before, you can afford to dork around in AQ40, which is what makes it so enjoyable. Obviously we're just getting through the warm-up bosses, but everything so far has been fun fun fun - and we didn't even dis that much loot this week.

After the family's sad demise, we went on to say hi to Sartura. Last week we took a couple of pokes and got it halfway down, so we finished the job without too much hassle, despite being somewhat confused on tactics. "Run to the tank, no run away from it, dot, no dots, stun it, RUN, oh wait it's dead." Killed in true Quartz style, I suppose.

We AEed our way to Fankriss, argued for a bit about where the legendary safe spot should be, marveled at the damage meters (mages are clearly THE pve class) and got owned by one-shotting worm thingies. Guess we'll figure out what to do there next time. Stay tuned for more news in a week. Same Quartz time, same Quartz channel.

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Bug family meets sad demise

Posted by: Tatertot » Mon Jun 26, 2006 6:15 am

With the summer and the World Cup upon us, I had a strong feeling there'd be little interest in doing raids this week, especially since we decided to spend the night in Bug Town. Amazingly, 40 people showed up to once more down Skeram and we headed to the Bug Trio. Since these bosses are supposed to perfectly learnable in one night we assigned tanks, told the hunters where to pull the things and initiated combat. After a few mins, realizing half the raid was down from poison spits and they were all still at 99% health, we went for a glorious retreat and looked at our strat again. 'Okay, so this one fears and heals - like a pvp priest but it actually heals OTHERS instead of just itself'. The poison spit took us poor nature-res-less noobs by surprise, quickly seperating the men from the .. well, noobs. Apart from your glorious Guild Leader, the Bunny Guardian and a few scattered Ayamiss vets, nature res in the raid was close to 0. We decided to call it a night and come back the next night and amazingly, in one day, practically everyone in the raid had at least 80 nature res unbuffed. I'm not going to say I'm proud of you - we've known AQ was nature for months and you're all slackers! - but still awesome work. The bug trio quickly bit the dust and we went on to poke at Sartura, who sadly lost her friends and almost her life. Next week, perhaps - I'm beginning to enjoy myself in there

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